Eco-collaboration with framed florals!


We've collaborated with Framed Florals, who specializes in pressing and dyeing with all things floral, to create natural wall hangings of natural linen + frozen flowers. We even hosted an Instagram giveaway for one of these pieces to a lucky winner over the Summer. (Can you guessed which one the winner picked?)

Read on below to learn more about the process.


the story behind the collaboration

Natural dye linens

If you've been following along with BAYITH linens for a while, you know that we walk the walk when it comes to being green. There are certainly many decisions that have shaped the way we ethically create our linens, and not all of them have been an obvious decision. An easy decision was deciding to work with only natural fabrics. This means our price points must be higher to match higher fabric prices, but we also keep waterways clear of tiny microplastics shed by synthetic materials like polyester. It's a trade-off, but it's one that we believe is practical for the long term.

Image by Kayla Tiffany

Image by Kayla Tiffany

We've also make plenty of small choices everyday that we hope are a step in the right sustainable direction. For example, we are left with plenty of fabric when we create our napkins. The leftover fabric (varying in width from 12-16")  is still gorgeous natural 100% linen, and calls for some out of the box thinking. Read on to see how our founder and designer Catherine came up with a creative solution with Lacie of Framed Florals.

CATHERINE:  I see this leftover linen as a blessing rather than a curse. Yes, there have been moments when struggling for storage for all this extra fabric has made me question some things. Storage is no joke in NYC! Anyhow, this is the best of the best in linen fabric and I was not able to let it go to waste. Some of the ways we already use the leftovers is by packaging our products and swatches wrapped in linen bags. This takes extra time for us to make another item, but it is SO worth it. I encourage people to reuse these as bread or produce bags which makes all that extra kale just adorable. 

LACIE of Framed Florals: Since moving into my new studio in Greenpoint, I’ve been lucky to have some seriously rad & insprising studio mates. Catherine of Bayith linens is my studio neighbor, and most recently my newest collaborator! We have had many work days, coffees, and drinks, talking about sustainable practices in each of our respective businesses. While we work in two different mediums, our sustainable / eco friendly practices and beliefs are so similar! Using my flower waste & her linen scraps together was a natural fit!

ethical linen bags.jpg

CATHERINE:  It wasn't until Framed Florals and I got to talking that we came upon the perfect creative solution for the fabric. Lacie from Framed Florals happens to be our studiomate and friend in our Greenpoint studio and has a unique modern take on flower preservation. I've seen her go on hunts for compost bins for unusable flowers so I know she's takes sustainability seriously.

LACIE: When Catherine mentioned to me that she had extra linen from her rolls of fabric she used to make napkins, we brainstormed interesting ways to use it. I was so happy to collaborate in giving them a new life!

I used Catherine's Bayith linens in two fixatives to see which one would make dyeing with flowers adhere to the fabric best. After soaking them I rolled them up with leftover flowers I had frozen and stored. (I knew having a freezer full of frozen flowers would pay off!) Each mordant chemically interacts with the flowers in a way that changes how they dye the fabric. I steamed them on the stove for a few hours.

BAYITH linens Framed Floral Sustainable Collaboration.jpg
BAYITH Framed Floral Sustainable Collaboration.jpg

LACIE: After letting the linen dry out overnight we had the joy of unwrapping each little bundle. (My personal favorite part!) The two batches of linen had two distinct markings left by the flowers. One batch being more speckled and denser colors. The other batch had more of a tie dye effect and the colors had more bleed to them, and more muted colors. Super fascinating since I used pretty much all the same type of petals and leaves!


LACIE: Catherine used White, Blush, and Oatmeal linens, and it was so interesting to compare the colors of the different fabrics and how the petals interacted with them. We took about a million photos, compared the color differences, and just marveled at the overall gorgeous work we had created together!

CATHERINE: I love that every piece is unique even in shape and size. Some of the fabrics were long enough to just drape over the wooden dowels. These can be removed from the dowel to use as accent table runners or nightstand decor. Other smaller pieces were hand-stitched to the dowels to serve as permanent wall hangings. I truly love how they are so different from the table linens we rent even though they all start out as the same humble linen. Hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did!

Read more about Lacie's part of the process on her blog

BAYITH linens Framed Floral Sustainable Collaboration.jpg