PA farm wedding with indigo + brass details


I've been telling everyone that Toni and Yuri were our dream couple. We met up one rainy afternoon over coffee to start discussing their vision and it was obvious right away that they knew exactly what they wanted. Since the venue was as a dreamy Pennsylvanian field, Toni wanted to reflect the idyllic scene with genuine details like the use of quality, heirloom textiles. It's only everything we love in this world, so we happily obliged. 

Brass details were going to be used throughout the wedding, so Toni felt that a dark indigo fabric would help play up the contrast and add another layer of texture. After we settled on color, we met up again to review indigo swatch options and Toni once again did not hesitate with her choice. It also happened to be my favorite swatch, with stunning highs and lows in the texture. Meeting up IRL to chat linens is not necessary, but I'm telling you these folks were a treat to have coffee with. You could tell why they were shaping up to be my dream couple.

Every detail fell into place on the big day last November. Guests could tell that every design detail had been chosen to provide a celebratory, intimate, and unforgettable experience. 


By choosing an open field like this one, they could organize the layout anyway they wanted, let their guests wander the grounds, and of course, take advantage of the gorgeous natural scenery. It's no wonder that so many couples want to get married outside.


Since we ship rentals anywhere in the US, we packaged the linens carefully and sent them off to PA for the big day! However, Toni and Yuri also wanted some textiles to keep and maybe even share with their family. Along with a few runners adorned with copper threading for their own home, they also requested these custom napkins with their initials and wedding date. Can't you just see them being used for everything from casual date nights to epic Thanksgivings? 


Anyway, back to T+Y's big day! Scroll down for more gorgeous details captured by Margarita Corporan.


The indigo runners customized with copper threading really shined under the candlelight and created a certain magic that night. I'm a sucker for lighting that makes you want to lean in to your neighbor, ask for their name, and strike up a conversation.


For our dream couple, I hope their wedding day was the ultimate dream. Over here, I'll be dreaming of them passing on the custom heirloom linens to the next generation. It was a pleasure being a part of your big day, T+Y!

Catherine Schiff



Photographer Margarita Corporan | Planning/Styling DFW Event Design | Furniture Rentals AFR Event Furnishings

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