Wedding Tablescape Inspiration - Brooklyn Beach Vibes


This "Brooklyn Beach Vibes" tablescape has all the makings of a successful entertaining set-up. It's simple enough where it'll be easy to throw together, but there are just enough design details to show your guests that you care. There are also plenty of chances to showcase your own personality by switching up greenery or folding the linens in a different way. While it is minimalist, there is just enough texture to set the tone for a relaxed, yet thoughtful gathering. Of course, these details could work for any ocean-inspired celebration, but we call Brooklyn home and thus wanted to pay homage to our neighborhood.

Here's a quick video of how to style your own beachy table. Make sure to read on to see how the elements work together and for links to resources.


Why it works:

- Cape stripe linens set the oceanic colors, while lending a relaxed yet upscale feel with the texture of linen
- Gold flatware highlights the glamour of the evening and reflects beautifully off some strategically placed candles
- Vintage amber bottles create an air of heritage and tradition, and provides the "something old" for a wedding
- Wheat and simple greenery, like seeded eucalyptus, echo the beachgrasses and sand dunes by the beach 

Click the corresponding numbers for resources. Note: for #5, I collected the vintage amber bottles (one of them even had an old tonic label peeling off!), but you can order the dried wheat in the image by clicking through. To sanitize vintage bottles, boil them in water for a few minutes before using.


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1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6 |  7


I first designed this table for a wedding vendor event at The Green Building. If you'd like to find us in person, touch our latest fabrics, and chat dinner party techniques, check out our Events page. I'd love to hear if you end up styling your very own "Brooklyn Beach Vibes" table for an event or evening at home. Feel free to share some images via email ( or tag us in your post on Instagram

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